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High Definition

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 02/22/2009 – 15:52

Crimson Chain Productions shoots both film and High Definition. Our cameras are setup for global work and are capable of recording in all worldwide formats (NTSC or PAL)! This means we can shoot high quality HD or SD footage anywhere in the world that you need us to go! And it’s here – our Professional […]

Green Screen & Blue Screen Studio in Maryland

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 02/22/2009 – 15:35

Did we mention that we have a *studio set up strictly for chroma keying? Our studio bay, at 27′ deep, 18′ wide and 16′ tall, is large enough for almost any major production work that needs the use of chroma keying technology. Our Blue Screen/Green Screen Studio, located 45 minutes West of Baltimore and one […]

Television and Web Commercials?

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 02/22/2009 – 15:21

Crimson Chain Productions can create high-quality television and web commercials at an affordable price. We have been known to produce 30 second television and web commercials *for under $2000! We can produce exciting TV and web commercials without all of the added expenses, because we are a small company with a LOT of experience and […]

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The Cost of Film & Video Production

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 02/21/2009 – 21:26

The cost of film and/or video production is really relative to your budget, so it can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. If your budget requires high end broadcast work, an extensive time-lapse, or film work that requires travel to the ends of the Earth, then, as you may have guessed, it will […]

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Creating a Promotional Film or Music Video?

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 02/21/2009 – 20:48

Interested in creating a Promotional Film or Music Video? Need a director or cameraman for a day? Need technical advice on a set? Here’s what we can do for you: Crimson Chain Productions does high quality television & film production, as well as audio (for internet & radio broadcasting). We produce commercial spots, promotional advertising […]

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Commercial Spots

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 02/21/2009 – 20:38

Crimson Chain Productions shot this commercial spot for the Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s show Red Herring. Shot on High Definition, the commercial spot was edited and composited in-house, and broadcast on Frederick County, MD’s Cable Channel 10 during the shows run (January thru February, 2008). The play itself was a spy-comedy, set during the 1950’s. The […]

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Commercials: Video Production for the Maryland Ensemble Theatre

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 02/10/2009 – 22:28

Crimson Chain Productions, a video production company based out of Frederick County, MD, has been shooting, editing, and compositing commercials spots for the Maryland Ensemble Theatre since their 2004 campaign started. We’re rounding out our fifth year with the MET’s 2008-2009 theatre season and are still going strong! Shot on High Definition, then edited and […]

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