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Time-lapse Photography: Capturing an All-Day or All-Year Event

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 05/14/2012 – 10:42

Want to capture an event? Time-lapse is both exciting and fun; your customers will be fascinated as they see your construction site built before their eyes, an entire stadium fill up in mere seconds, or a seed grow out of the soil and bloom. Time-lapse Photography is a great visual aid for construction companies, event […]

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Music Video Production

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 10/31/2011 – 12:58

We shoot Music Videos! Are you a musician? Give us a call and we’ll put you on the path to Music Video nirvana. For those budget-minded individuals, we can create a simple, yet stunning, video, like the one we recently shot for local musician R a e f: For those with more budget, we can […]

Need Motion Graphic Animations?

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 12/29/2010 – 16:34

We can create motion graphic animations for your needs – from animated graphics to cartoons if needed. Above is a Savannah Steamship cutting thru the water. The above motion graphics was made as a screen test for a movie theater in Saskatoon, Canada.

English & Spanish Videos

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 12/15/2010 – 15:01

We want your videos and films to hit as wide of a market as possible. We can translate your video from English to a more neutral Spanish. What do we mean by “neutral spanish?” We work to create a Spanish that is understandable by the majority of spanish speakers around the world – from Spain […]

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Interviews To Help Get The Word Out

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 11/04/2009 – 12:01

Here’s a few from a series of interviews that we shot and edited together for the Maryland Ensemble Theatre’s play “Dusty and the big bad world”. They uploaded the interviews to Youtube, as well as posted the links on FaceBook and Twitter, which really helped to get the word out about this play. Needless to […]

Film trailer: Flanking the Sentinel

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 10/07/2009 – 10:38

Crimson Chain Productions presents the motion picture trailer for our indie film, Flanking the Sentinel. (enjoy!) © 2009 Crimson Chain Productions.

Video Production in MD, VA, DC

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 03/04/2009 – 16:41

Crimson Chain Productions*, located in Frederick County, MD, works in and around the Washington DC, VA, & Baltimore areas doing Professional Video Production (videography). We shoot in high definition video, edit in house, and even distribute the finished video products by way of Television, Web, or DVD. Our list of video productions includes television productions, […]

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Film and Video Professionals

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 03/02/2009 – 20:35

We are film and video professionals and take working with film and video very seriously. We feel that your time and money are on the line. We know how to work with customers and how to create a beautiful message for your potential audiences. We own our film and video production equipment, which means that […]

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TV and Web Advertising

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 03/01/2009 – 21:19

If you are an advertising agency that is looking for a good company to work with in television and internet streaming video, as well as one that can stay on the same track as the rest of your client’s ad campaign, look no further. We will not only work with you, but make you shine […]

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Shooting a Music Video?

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 03/01/2009 – 03:53

We shoot music videos! A music video is, in its most basic form, a visual part of a short film that accompanies a song. Why shoot a music video? Because music videos help to both market and promote musical recordings (and one inexpensive way to promote your music with a music video is to post […]

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