Creating a Promotional Film or Music Video?

Interested in creating a Promotional Film or Music Video? Need a director or cameraman for a day? Need technical advice on a set? Here’s what we can do for you:

Crimson Chain Productions does high quality television & film production, as well as audio (for internet & radio broadcasting). We produce commercial spots, promotional advertising & marketing videos, industrial videos, corporate videos, real estate videos, music videos, features, & the occasional short film. We can perform all parts of the production in-house, including writing, directing, editing, and animation. We work very well with others, so if you have someone in mind to do a certain part of the production, we are more than happy to work with them.

We go that extra mile and are fully committed to your needs. We are able to shoot on both 35mm and 16mm films (even super8!), as well as both High Definition and Standard Definition video – an all on our own equipment. We are setup to edit in even uncompressed HD if needed – with many Terabytes of RAID storage in our studio, we are ready to cover all bases. Feel free to contact us for our demo reel.