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Political Spot Ad Campaign – Fast Turnaround

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 07/29/2010 – 11:08

Running a political ad campaign spot and need an extremely fast turnaround? We can help! We are capable of shooting and finishing a 30 seconds ad spots in under 8 hours (and have even been known to have them finished even faster when needed). What does that mean for your political ad campaign? It means […]

Need a Commercial for Comcast? NBC?

Icon Written by Adam Frey on 01/20/2010 – 11:51

Shooting commercials for Comcast, NBC and other television outlets can often be complicated when it comes to formats. This can cut into your commercial spot’s airing times, especially when you have a large campaign that needs to air from Tuesday through Friday for a large expo that weekend, and Comcast doesn’t have the proper setup […]

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