Green Screen & Blue Screen Studio in Maryland

Did we mention that we have a *studio set up strictly for chroma keying? Our studio bay, at 27′ deep, 18′ wide and 16′ tall, is large enough for almost any major production work that needs the use of chroma keying technology. Our Blue Screen/Green Screen Studio, located 45 minutes West of Baltimore and one hour north of Washington DC, comes complete with painted walls and floors, and can be leased on an hourly schedule, if needed.

The walls even have preset lighting for fast turn-around work (no worrying about getting the screen lit properly, its already been done, so you can put all your focus into lighting the talent). Plus we have a bonus: a second equally large bay for the production crew to use. The entire studio totals over 900 square feet of usable space to place the camera, cast, and crew!

*Please note that the green screen/blue screen studio is for clientele and/or in-house work only. We no longer lease out our green screen/blue screen studio anymore.

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