Time-lapse Photography: Capturing an All-Day or All-Year Event

Want to capture an event? Time-lapse is both exciting and fun; your customers will be fascinated as they see your construction site built before their eyes, an entire stadium fill up in mere seconds, or a seed grow out of the soil and bloom. Time-lapse Photography is a great visual aid for construction companies, event oriented companies, and agricultural companies, among others.

So what is Time-lapse photography? It’s a virtual way of speeding up time. More specifically, it’s a cinematography technique dealing with slowing the capture rate of film frames from a standard rate, like 24fps (24 frames per second) to a much slower rate, such as seconds, minutes, hours, or even days. When played back at a standard speed of 24fps, time appears to be moving faster (people move around faster, buildings get constructed in minutes vs months, and flowers grow in front of your eyes. To help understand time-lapse photography a little better: capturing images at one second intervals and playing them back at 24fps means the the video will be sped up 24 times the normal viewing rate. In essence, it’s similar to hitting the fast-forward button…

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